Support Sample Letters

Transportation Letter Sample(Send 6 of these to be in tranportation pool)

Optional Personal Support Letter Sample

Give Letters to Shannon Mitchell to mail out by the 23rd of February

Big Break Transport support check list


  • Register at

  • Hand write the envelopes

  • Hand write the reply envelopes

Shannon Mitchell
c/o your name
34 Greenleaves Dr #28
Hadley, Ma 01035
  • Write your name somewhere on the response cards

  • Get on the computer and personalize your letter (found at, Big Break 2016 tab)

  • Get someone to proof read it

  • Double check the letter

  • Print it

  • Sign it and write a personal, hand written note at the bottom.

  • Gather 1) response card, 2) reply envelope, 3) letter and seal the letter

  • Pray for them

  • Give all 6 letters to Shannon Mitchell. He will record who you are sending them to (so we can keep track as money comes in) and they will stamp them and put them in the mail. Office hours starting Thursday 2/19, check the office. Letter are all due by 2/23 at the latest to be in the transport pool.

  • Keep the addresses, you’ll want to send a postcard to those who gave while in Florida, and a letter afterward sharing more detail about the trip.